What To Do If You’re Stuck Without any Key?

What To Do If You’re Stuck Without A Key EmergencylocksmithOrlando.netEmergencylocksmithOrlando.net

One thing that irritates most of us is getting stuck without a key when we need it the most. Whether it’s your car or the house, a safe or merely a closet door, losing a key can set you back for important meetings, assignments, appointments, etc. Locksmiths are the ones who get called when such an emergency arises. They are here to help us out of this kind of a dilemma. They specialize in lock or security related issues and can easily pick locks, change them, make duplicate keys, or guide us in advanced security matters. One skill a locksmith has is the knowledge on how to lock pick. This skill has always been a subject of mass curiosity usually from seeing it done on TV shows and in movies. Usually people need to lock pick the most when there’s a sense of panic because they got locked out of their car or home. There are a few ways one can try to pick the lock with a basic lock pick set.

Tips To Basic Lock Picking

  • Buy a book for beginners on locksmithing. That will introduce you to the interesting world of different types of locks.
  • After you are done reading the book, buy a basic lock picking set. It should at least consist of 4 essential picks – hook, rake, diamond and ball, with a couple of tension picks. These are enough for you, as they’ll open just about any normal lock if you have practiced enough times. The basic set is comparatively much cheaper than the advanced ones, costing about $15-$20.
  • Lock picking is the art of practice and patience. Anyone can learn it, but regular practice is vital. Buy training locks and practice on them regularly. You can also ask your friends and family to donate their old locks that lie around unused, or call locksmith in Orlando (if you live in FL) This way, even if the lock is damaged in the process, it won’t hurt your wallet.
  • Buy a lock pick carrying case if you don’t own one already. The cases help lock picks stay in place without the hassle of searching for one every time when you need them. Most good lock picking sets will come in cases but if you have created your own lock pick set, then just go online and buy a quality leather case.
  • Learn to identify and exploit defects in locks. That is the first lesson to being a good lock picker. Practicing on different locks over and over again will give you that insight.
  • Stay away from Advanced Locksmith Tools like pick guns, jigglers and jack-knife sets. Remember, lock picking is your hobby, not a profession; expensive tools aren’t needed unless you’re doing the job every day extensively. Buying the expensive lock picking set will be waste of time and money, as you won’t need them for normal locks.
  • If you don’t have enough money to buy a lock picking set, use household items like paper clips, screwdrivers, safety pins and staples. This will start you off in the learning process. They work just as good as any paid lock picking set. Un-bend the clips or pins, and try them on a lock.

To lock pick can be a great hobby, and with enough practice, you’ll be able to pick locks in no time. But remember this exercise is only for picking locks that belong to you and not anyone else’s. Unless you’re a licensed locksmith, don’t try lock picking on important locks like your front home door or car. You could damage the lock. Leave that type of lock picking to the pros and call for a licensed locksmith.