If You Forgot Your Keys In The Car

Call Locksmith Services

Have you ever found yourself in an uncomfortable situation where you suddenly realized that you locked your keys in your car? Then you were left wondering how in the world you managed to do that. If you are asking this question, then it’s definitely time to get a car with central locking. Of course that’s not to say that maybe faulty central locking didn’t cause the problem in the first place. However, the “why” is less important than the “how”, so let us focus on how to pick your car door lock and get you back into your car.

Before we go into the details of lock picking a car door, it is important to be aware of the implications; the methods given here, if not done correctly, can do more damage to your car than simply calling your local locksmith.

Assuming you are prepared to pick your car door lock, it is important to be careful and to avoid damaging your car in any unnecessary way.

Here are a few ideas on getting your car keys out of a locked car.

Get To Know Your Door Locks

If your car locks are recessed inside the door, then you will have no option but to call your local locksmith. If they have little knobs on the end, then the coat hanger technique given below will work. If they are straight smooth buttons, then it will most likely not work. Again, call the professionals.

Try The Coat Hanger Technique

This technique requires some nimble patient hand work. First you will need to find a wire coat hanger. Once you have your hanger, straighten it and bend one end into a tight little hook that will hook around the aforementioned little knobs.

Insert the coat hanger between the rubber molding and the window and grab hold of the little door knob. Hook it around and pull it open. This is easier said than done, and you can cause all sorts of damage to your car in the process of lock picking a car door, like scratching the paintwork and damaging the rubber molding. However, if you have no other choice, give it a try.

Other Alternatives

Breaking into your car should ideally be your last resort; consider solving your problem with some other alternatives first.

  1. Check your car first before you panic and start doing anything rash. Is another door open perhaps? Check your trunk; if it is open, you could possibly access the car from there.
  2. Does someone else have a spare key for your car? If you have a spare key somewhere else, consider having someone bring it to you.
  3. Find a policeman; they usually have instruments to get into cars and know how to use them.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Trying to solve a problem is always more difficult than preventing it in the first place. There is always a possibility that you will lose, break or lock your keys in the car at some point. Be prepared for such an eventuality and ensure that you have a set of spare keys. Keep your spare keys in a place where you can easily get hold of them, for example, at your office, home or at a friend’s house.

Another option is to keep a spare key in a secret place on your car. You can keep it in a metal box that you can attach to your car; just make sure no-one can see or find it.

Let’s face it, lock picking a car door is becoming a dying art. With fobs and central locking mechanisms, locking your keys in the car is becoming a thing of the past. Of course accidents still happen, and if you find yourself in the difficult situation of needing to lock pick your car door, then the best advice is to call a Professional Locksmith in Orlando FL Upper West Side and get the job done quickly and with as little damage as possible.