There are many reasons for wanting a home security system installed. Here are 10 reasons from Locksmith in Orlando why you should consider having a locksmith install a new system for your home.

1. Peaceful Living – With a security system in place, you will sleep better at night and feel safer in your home. When used in conjunction with top-quality locks, your home is better protected.

2. Home Intrusions – The last thing anyone wants to experience is a home intrusion. Unfortunately, one occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. What makes this so frightening is that some criminals are brazen enough to break into a person’s home during the day with family members present. With a security system, an alarm will sound that deters the break-in and notifies the monitoring center to call for help,

3. Protection from Fire – Today, most home security systems offers protection from not only home invasions but fire as well. The same system ties in so that if a fire breaks out or smoke is present, an alarm will sound. Again, the monitoring center is notified so help can be summoned.

4. Carbon Monoxide – This is another thing that most home security systems check for. The problem is that carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, so it is hard to detect. If people do not get out of the home quickly, they can be rendered unconscious and face serious health problems and even death.

5.Valuables – With a home security system installed, your family heirlooms, jewelry, artwork, firearms, and other valuables are protected.

6. Monitoring – By using a smart security system, you have the ability to log onto the system via a computer or smartphone and actually watch things going on within the home in real-time. If a burglary is occurring, you have the ability to take immediate action.

7. Assistance for a Medical Emergency – The same system that protects you and your family from a home invasion can provide assistance in the case of a medical emergency. With the right system, a monitoring system seeks help and an ambulance is dispatched.

8. Automation – One of the unique features of newer security systems is home automation. As a result, you can turn lights on and off, change the setting of the thermostat, and even operate small appliances through the system.

9. Energy Saving – Because of the automation feature offered by many home security systems, energy in the home is conserved, which in turn lowers the monthly utility bill.

10.Homeowner’s Insurance – Many insurance companies offer homeowners an array of discounts. A home security system could lead to a reduced premium.