Every time you put your key in and out of your car’s ignition, the key inevitably rubs against the inside, which in turn leads to wear and tear. This repeated wear and tear will eventually render the key unusable, and as a result, leave your vehicle inoperable.

At some point, every vehicle owner will have to look at having a new key made for their car and knowing where to get a new key made is of paramount importance.

Vehicle key making is a specialized field, and depending on the make and model of your car as well as the type of ignition, you may require more than just the help of a skilled Orlando Locksmith.

Older Vehicles Vs Modern Vehicles

Older vehicles still use a standard key for both the door and ignition systems. Although most cars in operation today have central locking which is controlled via an electronic fob, the main operation of most cars, such as starting the car, is still done with a key.

Depending on the model of your car, there are a number of different types of keys that a car can use. However, regardless of what car or model you have, vehicle key making is distinguished by two different key cutting methods; the first is laser cutting and the second is mechanical cutting.

  • Laser Cut Keys

As the name implies, laser cut keys are cut using a specialized laser. This type of key can only be made by the car’s manufacturer because it requires a high-tech laser cutting machine for production, and naturally cannot be cut by every locksmith; only ones who have the specialized equipment that is needed.

Laser-cut keys come with many security advantages, such as having lock cylinders that are more difficult to pick than ordinary key locks.

  • Mechanical Cut Keys

Although laser cut keys are increasing in popularity, there are still many older cars, and even new cars and trucks, which still use mechanical cut keys. These keys are advantageous because they can be cut by your local locksmith. Although they are not as secure as laser cut keys, they are both cost-effective and easy to make, therefore making them the preferred choice for lower budget cars.

Cars That Require No Keys

The most recent car models are keyless. You can now access your car using a fob, and ignitions have been totally eliminated and replaced with a starter button which you simply have to press to start the car’s engine. The fob enables you to open the car doors, and even start the car remotely, and there are no traditional keys that need to be inserted or used in any way, rendering vehicle key making obsolete.

What To Do If You Need To Have A New Car Key Made

Depending on the make and model of your car you will have to decide whether you need a specialist key maker or not. Remember, not every locksmith is able to or has the facilities to cut and replace vehicle keys.

However, before you rush off and spend a fortune replacing your vehicle key, visit your local locksmith for advice; and if they have the facilities to replace your key, then you are in luck because they will do it for a fraction of the price, saving time and money.


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