We at Emergency Locksmith Orlando offer a spread of locks to fit your need and site . They include:

Mortise locks: These are traditional locks which require prior cut outs in doors at the time of construction. They are comfortable and easy to handle and are mostly used for domestic locations.
Panic bars: These are installed on doors in order to unlatch them. These are best utilized in case of fire escape doors in order that at the time of hurdling in an urgent situation they supply a moment answer .
Lock sets: These are combinations of locks, handles, bolts and other requirements that are required on a single door for the perfection in locking. We have a spread of lock sets available for various sorts of usage counting on the type of doors they need to be installed on.
Dead bolt: These are locks that need the lock cylinder to be moved within the correct direction to open the door, which is sort of impossible without the right key. Therefore these sorts of locks find usage in areas or doors where entry or exit must be controlled.
Pad Lock: These are the keyed or electronic lock, which are technical improvisations on the normal pad lock that existed. Hence they supply the strength the foremost trusted sort of lock with the advanced look of the new times.
Cylinder Lock: these locks are best for fitting into those areas or doors where you are doing not wish to change the already done bolt work and where you’d like to install the system of employing a passkey for various locks.

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