The type of keypad entry door lock you have installed in your home or business will affect the level of security and convenience. Traditional door lock installations regularly have disadvantages since they require you to carry a key around all the time. Usually, people can misplace or lose them, and these mechanical locks are frequently vulnerable to being picked or bumped by intruders.

Lost or stolen keys can represent an enormous risk to your home security. When they’re not in your ownership, a criminal can replicate it without your knowledge. Homeowners and business owners alike are leaning towards keypad entry door locks because of their amazing convenience and usefulness.

Below our Commercial Orlando Locksmiths will teach you some outstanding benefits you can expect to receive when you install your keypad locks.

Keyless entry and exit

The convenience of keyless entry is the top benefit of a keypad lock. For example, no more trying to find your keys when you’re attempting to open your door around evening time and no more calling a locksmith when you get locked out of your home. Plus, no panicking while searching for your keys when rushing out the entryway, no requirement for keys, period.

Just punch in your PIN on the keypad and you’re inside with no shows and no dramas. When you leave your home, a keypad lock will automatically lock behind you. This eliminates the frequent situation where you’re at work and pondering whether you locked the front door. However, some keypad entry door locks do bring a backup in case you forget your code, for example, a key so you can insert it into the keyhole.

Time-Determined Locking and Unlocking Schedules

Time-determined locking and unlocking schedules is an excellent advantage of using a keypad lock. Business owners can plan schedule times for locking doors or unlocking to keep strict control over employee access to specific areas of the property.

Homeowners can always know they lock their doors without having to get up and check late at night. The ability to set time-locking and unlocking schedules will save time and cash. This will also guarantee better safety and convenience as opposed to using traditional door locks.

Keypad entry door lock can enhance security

Burglaries are a regular danger for homeowners and business owners alike. Anyone can break into your home, even if you have a traditional lock system. A common entry point for burglars is through opened doors. Keyless entry door locks can help with that. A keyless entry door lock can lock itself after the user forgot to lock the door after 10 minutes.

Also, if you step out for a few minutes and someone still at home, it’ll sense the individual and leave the door open. With keyless door locks, these functions are possible and they bring an added benefit of not having a key slot.

The locking system activates through a sensor and computer algorithm. Which makes it difficult to hack and makes it impossible to bypass for the common burglar. Finally, with keyless door locks, you can control who enters and exits your home providing your home better security.

Extra Safety for Kids

Keypad locks eliminate the requirement for your kid to carry a house key which they must use when they get back from school. During a crazy school day, it’s straightforward for a kid to misplace or lose a house key, and get locked out of the house when they return home from school. This also represents a potential risk to the safety and security of your home if a criminal finds the lost key.

However, with a keypad lock, your kids only need to have a passcode which they enter it into the keypad to open the front door. When they’re inside, the keypad lock will lock behind them, ensuring that they’re safe from any danger.


Usually, after some time traditional locks can get worn and breakdown because of a lot of use and the elements. If you need to wiggle or shimmy the key just to get the lock to work, you know how annoying it may be.  Breaking a key inside the lock can likewise cause a painful lockout.

Keypad locks are durable since they don’t endure the continued friction of inserting and turning of keys. All you need is to press a few buttons on the keypad to engage in the lockset and open the entryway.

Emergency Locksmith Orlando can install your keypad entry door lock

If you’ve been thinking about whether to change to keypad locks, the above benefits should correctly push you. Regarding security, easy usage, and convenience, the advantages of using keypad locks are difficult to beat.

If you need any assistance with the installation and with the instructions, please call your reliable local Orlando locksmith expert.

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