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Commercial Frame and Door Repair Orlando

Door repair Orlando by Top locksmith : In case your storefront door is not opening well or one of the pivots is broken, there is an easy solution. The part is called hinge gear, and we can install it on the door and the frame which will permanently prevent the door from scraping the floor or create alignment problems. This also fixes all kinds of pivot issues. The Orlando locksmith offers commercial frame and door services in your area.

Door Replacement and Installation

The Orlando locksmiths replace any door and install doors 24/7.

Aluminum Storefront Repair

With the season changes the frame of the door and the door need to be maintained, We can fix all the issues and replace the doors.

Concealed Door Closers

It’s a door closer mechanism that is concealed in the frame on top or bottom. It’s a very expensive part, but we can install or replace it for a fair price.

Sliding Door and Rollers Repair/Change

Sliding doors are opened and closed daily. If the sliding door is not sliding smoothly, the rollers need to be replaced. Orlando locksmith can repair and change the rollers in sliding doors quickly and easily.

Prevent Break In

The Door repair Orlando tech will inspect your current doors and make sure they are secured to prevent any break-ins. We carry the latest in door frames, hinges, and plates that have a permanent shelf life and guaranteed security.

Pivot Repair

A pivot is necessary for operating the door smoothly and we can replace them with a new pivot or “continuous hinge gear,” that is much better.

Door Hinges Repair and Installation

If the hinges are broken on a wood or metal door the Orlando locksmith can fix or replace them. A hinge is a part that control the doors to close and open smoothly.

Track and Rail Repair

The track and rail on doors can get bumped or jolted which results it in not closing properly. The Orlando locksmiths can repair or replace the track and rail to the doors in your home or office and leave them opening smoothly and quietly.

Frame Repair

Door frame repair is easy to fix if you’ve experienced a break-in or damage from wear and tear. The Orlando locksmiths can repair and replace the door frame making it just like new.

Door Repair in Orlando Florida

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There are all different kinds of doors in a house, and each can be locked or be broken anytime. If you cannot fix it, contact the best locksmith near you to help you repair your door.

Our door repair Orlando professionals can provide you with the best door repair and installation services.

What are the types of doors in the house that our professionals can help you install and repair?

Types of Doors to Install or Repair in a House


Exterior doors are what separate you from the outside world and provide security for your home. These doors protect you from various outside elements. There are different doors that fall under the category of exterior. These include entry, patio, and sliding doors.

– Entry Door: Typically, a home has two entry doors, the front, and the back door. Among all the doors installed in your home, entry’s are the ones which are used the most! Therefore, they have to be strong and sturdy. An entry door is commonly a swinging hinged door made of wood and has to be coated with a material that can withstand different weather conditions.

– Patio Door: A patio door is a door that directs to your patio or deck. They are usually swinging doors with large glass. Some also have double swinging doors for the patio.

– Sliding Door: Sliding doors look more like windows than doors. They are usually in glass type, and are used to get to outside spaces such as a garden. The patio can also use a sliding door for entry. Sliding doors however, do need repaired more frequently. Especially if the door comes out of the frame.


Interior doors are those that are inside your home. They are used mainly for privacy and to cover other areas of your home to keep it looking clean. The most common interior door installation is for bedrooms, bathrooms, and closet doors. The three types used for your interior are; swinging, pocket, and bifold doors.

  • Swinging: They are one of the most common doors which provide enough privacy to people in their rooms, especially in bedrooms and comfort rooms. Swinging doors are used commonly for installation in your home.
  • Pocket: These are sliding doors that disappear into the wall when totally opened. These are usually used when there is limited space.
  • Bifold: Bifold doors are commonly used in closets where one opens the entire closet with two doors that both open in opposite directions. They are inexpensive and can be installed quickly.

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